Unselfish Deeds Are Inspirational

Dear Pamela,

I dropped my ID card after checking in at the airport in Kona. I wish to send a huge APPLAUSE to the lady who found my card and turned it in to the Hawaiian Airlines agent at the gate, who handed it to me. I was so grateful to these two ladies.

Agnes Toma

Dear Pamela,

Recently at Queen’s a nice young lady let me go for my treatment before her. I’d like to thank her for her thoughtfulness and kindness. At that moment I wasn’t alert. Please forgive this aged person! God bless her!

Fumiko Kuniyoshi

Dear Pamela,

One night I was to meet friends at a location not familiar to me. It was already dark and I was lost! I saw three young men talking story in front of a home and I called out, asking for help. They ended up leading me to my meeting place. Offering my sincere thanks, the driver said “Naah.” I offered gas money and again, “Naah.” I asked for his name and I think I heard Aaron Uyeda. Please let Aaron’s parents, family and friends know of his kind deed rescuing a 74-year-old granny.

C. Murakami

Dear Pamela,

Kudos and mahalo to the people who responded to a bizarre car accident at the Kahala Post Office parking lot. Thanks to EMS, the police officer, the post office manager and especially the nice lady who comforted me and gave me a bottle of water. I hope the mail carrier in the other vehicle is recovering well. Thank God, it could have been worse if the post office had been busy.

D.C. Nakamura

Hi Pamela,

After a run and a swim in Waikiki, I noticed I didn’t have my car key. I looked and looked, running my hands through the sand and retracing my steps, but no luck. Jenny and Renee, who were sitting nearby, asked me what happened. They offered to help and looked with me for at least an hour, all the while keeping me calm by making friendly conversation.

Eventually I decided to ask a policeman for a flashlight. While I was gone, Jenny and Renee had actually found someone with a metal detector. As I walked back to the beach, I saw Jenny waving her hands. They found the key buried in the sand! I was so overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness. I would love to send them flowers and a note, but they insisted that I should go home and rest, and I have no way of following up with a thank you. I want them to know how touched I am and grateful for their kindness. I hope to pass their kindness on to someone else.

Kate Schuette

Dear Kate, D.C.,C., Fumiko and Agnes,

What a wonderful way to start a new year, being on the receiving end of an act of kindness and being inspired to pay it forward!