Unlocked Homes, Cars Bring Opportunity Theft

Editor’s Note: The following theft-prevention tips are provided by HPD’s Community Policing Team via the Windward Neighborhood Security Watch.

Ahhh! Summertime in Hawaii. Tradewind breezes, windows and doors open, everyone is a little more relaxed, and plenty of opportunity for thieves to quickly turn a good day upside down.

Of car break-ins in Kailua in June, at least four were to vehicles that 1) were unlocked and 2) contained valuables within plain sight. Take a moment to remove your valuables from your vehicle and lock it – no matter where it is parked. This includes your driveway, the carport/garage and street parking.

Recent area burglaries have been to homes with unlocked sliding doors and open windows. The thieves just lift the slider up and they are in! Lock the sliding doors if you are in another part of the house. Put a safety lock on the rail or pin the doors so that they cannot be lifted.

Close jalousie windows and buy safety clips at your local hardware store. They come in packs of 10 for $9.99 and are easy to install. If you choose to glue the panes in place, remember that this could prevent your family from escaping a fire through this window.

These crimes are crimes of opportunity. Take the opportunities away from the thieves. And enjoy your summer.