Two-sport Mililani Star A Leader In Soccer And Basketball

Aislynn Crowder. Photo courtesy Crowder family

Whether on the soccer field or the basketball court, Aislynn Crowder always knows her role. She’s a natural born play-maker.

“I’m like a distributor – I try to assist people (on scoring plays),” said Crowder, a Mililani resident and sixth-grader-to-be at Maryknoll School.

Last week, her schedule was heavy with soccer, as she helped lead her Rush 01G Nike (12-and-under) team into the quarterfinals of the U.S. Youth Soccer Far West Regionals at Waipio Soccer Park. Rush 01G Nike, which went 1-0-2 in pool play, had hoped to advance to the semifinals last Saturday. (The championship game was to follow Sunday.)

Crowder was a key component in the team’s success from her stopper position. And on the basketball court, she’s point guard for her Maryknoll sixth-grade team. In the classroom, she also maintains a 4.0 grade-point average and finds time to practice hula. On the eve of last Friday’s quarterfinal match with Surf Hawaii 01G, Crowder took some time away from the practice field to visit with MidWeek‘s Central Oahu Islander.

What is your earliest sports-related memory? Probably when I was 4 and I was playing AYSO for my dad. I was horrible. I didn’t even know how to kick the ball, and I was a little shy. When I got to know soccer more, I became more comfortable and got better at it.

Who’s had the biggest impact on your life? My dad (Malcolm). He helps me out because he’s one of my coaches. We have a lot of fun at home. He expects a lot out of me in soccer.

What area of your game have you been focusing on this summer? Scoring more and helping out more on offense.

Who is your hardest working teammate – the girl who gives 110 percent at all times? Probably Bree Fuller. She likes to go to balls she wouldn’t normally get, and she defends well. She encourages people to work hard.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? I don’t go on the computer much. I usually play on my iPad. I like to play games like ‘What’s my IQ’ and ‘Storm the Train.’

What is your least favorite household chore? Probably taking down the trash from the bathroom.

What movie could you watch over and over? This Means War.

When you turn on the TV, what channel do you go to first? The Disney Channel.

Do you play video games? What systems do you have, and what are your favorites? I have a Wii. My favorite games are Wii Fit and Rock Band.

You’re stuck on Kahoolawe and can have an endless supply of just one food. What would it be? Chocolate ice cream.