Two Nurses’ Loving Care

Dear Pamela,

Over the last year I have had four major abdominal surgeries, which left me in need of the services of home health care nursing. For six months I received two to three visits per week from Juliet Nazareth and Cindi Perry of Castle Home Care. From the moment they entered my home, I knew I was in the hands of highly skilled professionals.

But even more important than their skill were the loving care, the compassion and healing hands with which they practice their nursing. They both knew how to quiet the fear and anxiety that goes with illness. They gave comfort, instilled optimism and kept my spirits up. Nurses speak the language of love to the sick, frightened, lonely and incapacitated.

DeAnn Young Kailua

Dear DeAnn,

Director of Castle Home Care Matt Williams thanks you for recognizing the caring spirit of Juliet Nazareth and Cindi Perry. “I’m thankful to work in an organization that has such a caring culture,” he says. “Juliet and Cindi both demonstrate the value we place on human dignity, individuality, clinical and service quality, caring for our community and sharing God’s love.”