Twin Islands

Twin Islands has opened its first retail store in Kailua located at 131 Hekili St. (across from the bowling alley).

The company is named after the Mokulua Islands, also known as the Twin Islands to locals, located a mile offshore of Lanikai Beach. The brand was founded by Mike Miller, who created it in honor of his late twin brother, Peter, who died in a plane crash March 8, 2006. Twin Islands made its online debut March 8, 2009, three years to the day after Peter’s passing, and has been available at various stores and surf shops for the past five years.


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Lani Dolan: Twin Islands purple kid's tee $22, pink 9'0 longboard $795

The twins grew up surfing out at the Twin Islands, and both followed in their father’s footsteps by becoming pilots. Mike is a pilot for Island Air, Peter was a pilot for Hawaii Air Ambulance, and their father flew for Aloha Airlines. Mike continues to carry on the legacy of his twin through his growing surf company. “The bird in our logo represents Peter hovering over us all,” he explains.

Twin Islands also will host its 10th annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic Aug. 30 in memory of Peter Miller and his close Kailua friends Jason Bogle, David Aluli and Jeff Barbieto. Entry forms will be available at the Twin Islands store starting Aug. 1.

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