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Tweets Go Overboard With Crowley

Candy Crowley moderates the second presidential debate. AP photo

Candy Crowley – what did you think of her debate performance?

I’ve heard and seen a lot of reaction in media of every kind. Much of it falls along party lines in this most partisan of campaigns.

What I found most disconcerting was the over-the-top nastiness leveled at CNN’s Crowley. This became a bullying frenzy for people taking direct aim at Ms. Crowley’s physical appearance and, more specifically, her weight. Take a look at these tweets compiled by New York Magazine even before the debate began:

@ProfessorJerry: @Candy Crowley cnn hope you & your big fat over weight ass have the

courage to stand up to #Obama and ask him some tough questions at debate

@tpalka: Candy Crowley may be fat on the outside but it’s what inside that counts. And what’s inside is donuts, gyros, milkshakes, chips…

@Obamapocalypse: Wonder if fat-ass Lib Prog moderator Candy Crowley will allow questions regarding Michelle #Obama’s war on obesity at POTUS town hall.

@PCtypesCanSuckit: Candy Crowley is a disgusting liberal pig. Why in the f*** is her fat ass moderating the debate Tuesday night?

And here were just a couple of what was tweeted while the debate was being telecast:

@pimp_sausage: CANDY CROWLEY, need a Snickers?

@Politix_Junkie: Can’t we get someone other than a libturd douche bag like fat disgusting pig @ CrowleyCNN to moderate a debate?

There were thousands more along those lines. Yeow. What is the matter with people? Make no mistake. I’m not saying this type of attack is the exclusive domain of conservatives. I’ve heard a fair share of fat jokes directed at Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, but nowhere near the intensity and level of malice aimed at Crowley. Is it just her weight, or is it also because she’s a woman? I have a feeling there’s a lot more scorn heaped on her because of her gender.

I’ve also heard many variations of this sentiment: “The women rule! Women should moderate all presidential debates!”

I agree the women ruled. Both Martha Raddatz and Candy Crowley were polite yet firm, mindful of the clock and unintimidated by the bulldoggish candidates. In that sense they were above-average moderators who did what they were supposed to do and did it fairly well.

I do not, however, believe they were good because they were women. In my opinion, they excelled because of something else they had in common: Both are excellent, sharp, working journalists. Raddatz is senior foreign affairs correspondent for ABC News. She knows her beat inside and out.

Crowley is CNN’s chief political reporter and anchor of the political newsmaker show State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

These women get paid to know what’s going on, and they are good at their jobs.

They brought professionalism and honor to their roles as moderator. Candy Crowley’s weight has nothing to do with anything.

This election season has uncovered a rash of bigotry, both hidden and right out there in the open: racism, homophobia, misogyny … it’s been a revealing and sad look at what lies beneath a thin veneer of civility. Now the ugliness is exposed and we know the truth: We have progressed as a society, there is no doubt about that. But not nearly enough. We still have a long, long way to go.