Trudy Fuchigami Wins A $250 Safeway Shopping Spree

On a recent Tuesday, Trudy Fuchigami needed some groceries, so she took a trip to Safeway in Manoa. As she made her purchase at 2:15 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative approached Trudy with a simple question. She answered correctly and instantly won a $250 Safeway shopping spree.

“I always shop at Safeway,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper, a retired schoolteacher. “I like the staff, they’re very friendly. I’ve been coming here for 38 years.”

Trudy, who was born and raised in Kalihi and graduated from St. Andrew’s Priory, has two grown children and three grandchildren. Her hobbies include watching Korean soap operas, playing games on the computer and watching her grandchildren play baseball. She also likes to read MidWeek. “I like the articles,” she said. “And I like to read Larry Price’s column. He is so frank.”