Tropic Lightning Division Welcomes New Commanding Officer


25th Inf. Div. Public Affairs

The 25th Infantry Division welcomed a new commanding general and bid farewell to its seasoned leader during a May 2 change of command ceremony on Weyand Field.

Outgoing commander Maj. Gen. Kurt Fuller passed the Tropic Lightning division colors and ceremoniously relinquished command to Maj. Gen. Charles A. Flynn.

While addressing the soldiers, guests and family members present, Flynn recognized the accomplishments of the division and emphasized quality training and leadership development.

“This is what makes us ready. It gives us the confidence to fight, makes us prepared, so when we are called, we can deliver the most credible, reliable, formidable and decisive force of choice,” said Flynn.

Fuller will move on to his next assignment in Washington, D.C.

During his farewell address to the soldiers, Fuller said that he loved leading the 25th Infantry Division, but that he and his family are ready to begin the next phase of his career.

“Just when you start to get comfortable in an assignment, it’s time to go,” said Fuller. “So, we will do what we always do – we’ll ruck up and move out.”

In a unique display, soldiers performed a traditional Hawaiian Ha’a Koa, or warrior dance to welcome Flynn and to demonstrate the division’s deep roots in the Pacific region.