Treatment Camp At Mokuleia

Mark Turansky, the senior pastor of Pacific Islands Bible Church and New Horizons president and CEO, is hosting an inpatient addiction treatment program at Camp Mokuleia.

The six-day program offers group treatment and bonding activities designed to “explore the underlying causes of addiction.”

According to organizers, the treatment reflects New Horizons’ belief that addiction is not a disease with no cure, and that “unlike 12 Step-based rehab centers that insist you have an incurable disease… and tell you that you’re powerless, addiction is only a symptom of something deeper going on.”

Group processing and individual learning will follow principles of Turansky’s book, Figure It, Face It & Fix It: Your surprising solution to addictions and substance abuse.

Fee is $1,500, which includes all meals, accommodations, individual counseling session, treatment recovery program and group aftercare following the camp.

For more information, call 484-1000.