Touched By Anonymous Angels

Hi Pamela,

I went to Kapahulu Safeway to do some shopping, then to cash my mother’s monthly check at Central Pacific Bank, all within the same complex. When I couldn’t find my mom’s check, I figured I had just forgotten it at home.

Later, when I returned home and started looking around, I realized I must have dropped her signed check somewhere. When I called Safeway Customer Service Desk, I was so relieved that they had it. Someone turned it over to them without leaving their name.

I hope that person sees this so I can to say thank you so much for your honesty and kindness. May you have many blessings.

Marsha Lee

Aloha Pamela,

I parked in a metered stall at Kaimuki park on Waialae Avenue. When I was getting out of my SUV, a gentleman pulled up next to me in a gold or light-colored SUV (4Runner?).

He said to take the stall he just vacated as it had about an hour’s worth of time on it! I thanked him, but unfortunately he left before I could get his name.

Thanks to his kindness I had a great day and I wanted to pay it forward.

Carol Brittingham
Hawaii Kai

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank a gentleman on a motorcycle who helped me get to the Kapolei Target.

I asked this gentleman for directions while I was at an intersection waiting for the light to change.

After he gave me detailed directions, I started to repeat it and that’s when he told me to follow him.

He was in the left lane about to make a turn, so I know I took him from his original route.

I followed him for a good seven to 10 minutes. I want to thank him again for his generous spirit and hope that help will always be there for him when he needs it.

Genie Yamashita

Dear Pamela,

My grandson took me to do some shopping at Pearl City Foodland.

When I was about to pay for my purchases, Rodney the cashier said the gentleman ahead of me gave $5 toward my purchases.

I was so dumbfounded. I didn’t even see who was ahead of me.

My grandson said the man probably did it because we let him go ahead of us since we had a big load. I didn’t get his name, but if he reads APPLAUSE, thank you!

Joan Hayamoto

Dear Joan, Genie, Carol and Marsha,

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted,” says Aesop in his fables. Your anonymous angels prove that even the smallest of gestures can make a big difference.

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