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’Tis The Month For Rolling Back Prices

Chef Russell Siu offers a special September menu at 3660 On The Rise. Jo McGarry photo

I called Russell Siu, the chef-owner of 3660 On The Rise, to chat about the restaurant’s September menu. It’s a celebration of some of the all-time favorite 3660 dishes, and a special dinner menu starts this week and runs until Sept. 29.

Can it really be 21 years since the Waialae Avenue restaurant opened its doors? I asked Russell if he had imagined this day when he and partner Gale Ogawa first chose the neighborhood spot.

“We hoped we’d be around this long,” he says, laughing.

Some of the celebrated dishes on the menu have been there since day one, with those such as ahi katsu and tempura catfish a part of our dining culture as much as Spam musubi and oxtail soup. What’s remarkable is that the 3660 menu is as popular today as it was two decades ago.

“Certain things, people in Hawaii just really like,” says Siu. “We like food that tastes good. We like fish, good steak … We like food we can relate to. People think of us as a place for comfort food.”

Longevity is hard to achieve in the food and beverage industry, and it seems right to take a moment to celebrate a restaurant that has maintained a high standard of excellence for so many years.

On the anniversary menu this month are choices that include Caesar Salad and Clam and Corn chowders, Catfish Tempura, Shichimi Seared Chicken, Steamed Fish with Black Bean Broth and the utterly fabulous Steak Alaea. This steak continues to be hailed as one of the best in Honolulu, but according to Russell, it’s just a simple, great steak.

“It’s just so simple,” he says. “We heat the pan, use great seasoning, butter, good steak and that’s it.”

No better time to head to the hill to try 3660’s outstanding menu of favorites, including the famous warm chocolate soufflé cake and bread pudding duet.

The menu price? Just $36.60. That’s about 50 percent less than you’d usually pay.

“We’re happy for people to take advantage of the price,” says Siu. “But they’d better hurry. It’s not going to last long” …

But 3660 isn’t the only restaurant rolling back the prices this month. In celebration of more than 40 years as a favorite comfort food stop, Anna Miller’s at Pearlridge Center is offering a slice of pie for just 40 cents. Something of an institution in Hawaii, Anna Miller’s is one of the very few bakeries that still hand-makes its pies. With 23 different seasonal offerings, the bakery operates almost 24 hours daily just to keep up with demand. The anniversary pricing will last through October, just before the holiday rush for pumpkin pies begins. …

And finally, If you’re looking for an incredible deal on wine this month, it’s hard to beat Park Restaurant’s 25 for $25 wine program. The recently opened Diamond Head restaurant offers an excellent selection of wines for just $25 each. But don’t think your $25 is buying a cheap and cheerful bottle of plonk. Many of the wines retail at around the $15-$20 mark, making them an excellent choice with the restaurant’s Mediterranean-inspired, contemporary cuisine.

Seems like great deals are everywhere this month!

Happy eating!