A Tip Of The Hat To Two Helpful Siblings

Dear Pamela,

I was about to unload my very heavy shopping cart at Kapolei Costco. I had a 50-pound bag of rice, 20 5-pound bags of dog food for our six Rotties and a bucket of laundry soap, when two students jumped out of their car, running to me smiling and asking if I needed help. Of course, I accepted. I was happy to find out they were students at Kamaile Academy in Waianae, where I used to work.

Jordan Ibanez and her brother are seventh and eighth-graders. I told them that I know their family because I went to school with the Ibanezes. It’s nice to see that their parents raised them to be the helpful angels they are today. I want to give them praise because they deserve it! My hat’s off to both of you keiki. Keep up the great work!

Lily Cabinatan

Dear Lily,

Bernie Ibanez, your former co-worker, is still at Kamaile Academy. She’s very proud of her grandniece Jordan and grandnephew Christopher: “They are great kids, great workers. When something needs to be done, I know Jordan is going to get it done, and she never complains. Christopher is a great barbecuer. I was at their house, and he volunteered to grill my dinner. I was skeptical, but he did a great job! He said his dad showed him how. Their parents, Mike and Janeen, are great parents. They are always involved with their kids’ activities.”

Dear Pamela,

I was waiting on University Avenue in the morning to go to a picnic. My keys, camera and other personal items were stolen. It was a very inconvenient and demoralizing day for me. However, the next day, Moiliili Community Center called to say some of my items were found by the maintenance staff. They were tossed in the trash container at the center. I was able to recover my driver’s license, a credit card and some other items. Ira even neatly folded my sweatshirt. I am very grateful for her exceptional thoughtfulness and caring. This act of kindness really made me believe that there are still some very nice people in this world. Her quick thinking and action also saved me from getting another driver’s license. I believe you have an exceptional person working at your company whose caring attitude is a good reflection of Nisei Building Maintenance.

The other hero of this story is Nadine of the Moiliili Community Center office. I am not listed in the phone directory. Nadine typed my name on the Internet and was able to find my phone number and called me. I am giving APPLAUSE to these two angels.

Harry Fukunaga

Dear Harry,

Moiliili Community Center executive director Nadine Nishioka’s persistence gets the credit. “The cleaning crew often finds items around the center,” she says. “If it looks like it belongs to someone, they will leave it on my desk. I thought one of our senior citizens had lost the bag. We have quite a full lost-and-found bin. After a while, if no one makes a claim, we put items in our thrift store. With the Internet what it is today, it took some time to locate Harry, but we did get a phone number. That’s why we’re here, to help people.”

Dear Pamela,

My truck recently was broken into. The thieves ruined the ignition and steering column so badly that it’s been in the shop for a while. Since then, I have become an avid bus rider. At first, I was a little apprehensive about riding the bus. I grew up on the North Shore, so the buses were every 30 minutes, or on the weekends, every hour. I was not looking forward to busing.

However, since riding TheBus, I have a newfound appreciation for our bus drivers. Although I do not know the names of my bus drivers, I just wanted to thank them. Especially my regular route driver’s on routes 3, 8 and 13. They help wheelchair riders, tourists and keep riders feeling safe all while being friendly and kind.

Tui Faitala

Dear Tui,

“We appreciate your warm words of gratitude,” says Michelle Kennedy of TheBus. “Our bus operators strive to provide the best customer service possible. Thank you for riding TheBus.”

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