The Thoughtfulness Of Strangers

Aloha Pamela,

I was traveling on H1 getting ready to exit onto Likelike. As I was switching lanes, I heard the car behind honking, so I went back to my lane waiting for the car to pass. It was a silver SUV, possibly a 4Runner. The driver did not want to drive past, but instead swirled his truck toward my small Honda Civic as if he/she was going to hit me. I immediately got out of the way, but the driver switched to the left lane as if he was trying to hit me on that side.

I was so scared! I took the Likelike exit and I pulled up in front of Kamehameha Shopping center. There, a nice man in a silver truck with a “Bad Boy” sticker showed me his badge and asked if I was OK. He said he wanted to pull the other driver over for what they did to me but he couldn’t. I want to thank him for taking the time to console me, and I think I’ll be more prepared the next time someone acts like a maniac on the road and take down the license number.

Mei Wang

Dear Pamela,

I lost my wallet over the holidays while riding my motorcycle. I spent hours looking for it trying to convince myself I still had it. I cancelled everything. After a few days, my lost wallet appeared inside my mailbox containing a note. “Found this on the side of the road. Merry Christmas, Miguel.” Everything was in it. The only casualty was a bent license. Just wanted to thank the Good People out there. Mahalo.

Miguel Rojales
Hawaii Kai

Hi Pamela,

I’d like to thank a young man who picked up my cell phone that I had dropped while exiting my car at Manoa Marketplace. I was madly rummaging through my bag thinking I would have to go all the way back to work to look for it when he approached me. I was so flustered that all I could do was thank him. After an appointment, I went to the parking lot to look for him but could not find him. I hope he reads this so he knows how much I appreciated his kind act and thoughtfulness! Mahalo nui loa.

Nora Goo

Aloha Pamela,

Waianae no ka oi. After shopping at Longs in Waianae, I forgot my Kindle in the shopping basket. An anonymous Good Samaritan brought it back into the store, and when I returned, the manager had it waiting for me. Mahalo to that kind person and all the other good folks of Waianae.

Betty Pettit

Dear Mei, Miguel, Nora and Betty,

Many of us prepare for the worst, so when “the best” happens, we are amazed. The greatest gift to give your Anonymous Angels is the commitment to use their examples and spread the kindness to those in need.

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