The Rewards Of Paying It Forward

Aloha Pamela,

I waited in a six-car-long drive-through line at the Pearl City Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. When I reached the window to pay for my drink, I was told by the friendly employee that my drink had been paid for by the lady in front of me! So, of course, I paid for the girl behind me! The week had been a pretty rough one, and something this amazing could not have happened at a more perfect time! I think we all try our best to do at least one good deed a day, though sometimes we can’t help but wonder if anyone else makes the same efforts. Your Applause column is an amazing bearer of great news and great people right here at home. I love it!

Jimell Silva
Pearl City

Dear Pamela,

My son, his friend and I had dinner at Denny’s in Royal Kunia. A pair of military men walked in after us, and we decided to thank them anonymously for their service to our country by treating them to their dinner. After we paid for their meals, we noticed that as they were leaving, they stopped at the cashier and paid her, too. We asked our waitress to check on it, and she returned to tell us that the military men were grateful to have received our thanks, then anonymously paid for another family’s meal! Wow. It was a chicken-skin moment for me, and a great example for my teenage son and his friend. Mahalo to all our military personnel.

Leimomi Wang
Royal Kunia

Dear Jimell and Lei,

Mahalo for reminding us of how good will takes on a life of its own. Paying it forward can be so rewarding, whether you do it with a monetary gesture or a simple act of kindness.

Dear Pamela,

We are trying to find Ashley (in a white Legacy), who was behind us with her toddler in the back seat when our vehicle ran out of gas on Pali Highway, Kailua bound. She offered to get us gas, and said, “I’ll be back in 10 minutes,” as she jumped in her car. With the gas in hand, going Honolulu bound to turn around, she waved to us. She gave us gas, told us to keep the gas can, which we declined, refused to accept any money and gave us a few suggestions for places to visit in the area. My husband and I visit for three months every year. I want to shout out a big mahalo to Ashley, who is living aloha above and beyond.

Pam Yee and Ron Gianola
Honor, Mich.

Dear Ashley,

If you read this letter of appreciation from Pam and Ron, please email me at They would very much like to contact you and thank you properly for your abundance of aloha spirit. Mahalo for taking care of our visitors!