The Rest Of A Heartwarming Story

Aloha Pamela,

While catching up with my father, Virgil Francisco, recently, he told me a story about how he helped a woman who fell at Zippy’s Mililani. It’s always been in my father’s nature to do things like that, so it came as no surprise to me. What did come as a surprise was reading your column, where Jane Mikami thanked a gentleman who helped her up after a fall at Zippy’s Mililani. I’m almost 100 percent sure that this was my father! He read the article as well, chuckled a bit, but made nothing of it since his name wasn’t mentioned (he said the woman never got his name, but he recognized the name “Jane” because while he was helping her up, a friend of hers called out her name).

I just thought I’d mention that to you because it was sweet of Ms. Mikami to write to you about it, and I feel that my father has always been one of the “good ones” out there! (After 41 years of marriage on Dec. 12, my mother still thinks so, too!)

Nathan J. Francisco

Dear Nathan,

Mahalo for connecting the dots and identifying your dad as Jane’s anonymous angel. Your mom is right your dad is one of the “good ones.”

Dear Pamela,

My family treated me to Danny Couch’s dinner show at Chai’s Island Bistro for my birthday. It was the best ever! The food at Chai’s was so onolicious. Danny Couch is such a warm, humble, funny and awesome entertainer. He made me feel so special by serenading me with Happy Birthday, singing my favorite songs and posing with me for a picture. He also gave me an autographed CD. I felt like a queen thanks to Danny’s aloha. Arigato to my wonderful family, too.

Karleen Kaneshiro
Pearl City

Dear Karleen,

“Danny is the nicest guy,” says his Island Bistro boss Chai Chaowasaree. “When he finishes his set, he takes pictures, no matter how busy or slow we are. He will sing requests, even if it’s Happy Birthday several times a night!”

Danny Couch is at Chai’s Island Bistro Saturday evenings.

Dear Pamela,

My friend Betty and I were on our way to Nuuanu Hale Nursing Home to visit her husband, who is a patient there. Total time round-trip on TheBus and visit is about five-and-a-half to six hours.

We stopped at the Pearl City 7-Eleven for snacks, paid with a $20 bill. Later I noticed I was missing the $18 change. On our way home, I stopped by 7-Eleven and the cashier said they found my $18 and put it in a safe place. A big APPLAUSE and thanks to the 7-Eleven employees for their honesty, integrity and caring for their customers.

Mary Amasone
Pearl City

Dear Mary,

“Things are left and lost all the time,” says Pearl City 7-Eleven man-ager Sheryl Jore. “Our workers do their best to make sure the items are stored safely until they can be retrieved.”