The Lone Ranger

Loa Simoes
Native American Powwow Committee Member

What is your official title/occupation? Native American Powwow committee member.

Where and with whom did you see the movie? Mililani Consolidated Theater with James Simoes.


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Loa Simoes

Overall, what did you think? Being Native American, of course I’m going to keep an eye on the culture, which I thought was excellent, from the native dress to traditional customs.

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes? Love the action in the train scenes. It kept you hanging at the edge of your seat.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film? ★★★

What did you think of the cinematography? I loved the beauty of the desert valleys and mountains.

Was the message/theme clear? Yes – revenge by making it right.

Did it remind you of any other work in film? Yes, we all like to see wrongs being made right with heroes, in a sense.

To whom would you recommend this movie? My fun co-workers.

Did any of the actors stand out? Since I’m a friend of Saginaw Grant (Chief Big Bear), of course he would stand out, seeing him on a large screen.

Did you identify with any of the characters? There is a scene with a little boy in the museum listening to an old Indian man telling his adventures with the Lone Ranger about friendship and honor. We now also should listen to our elders, who teach us friendship and honor.

Did the soundtrack contribute significantly to the film? Yes … Love the Lone Ranger theme when it played at the right time.

Would you buy this movie when it comes out on DVD? Yes.

What’s your favorite movie snack? Popcorn and a hot dog with a cold drink.

On a different note, what’s new with you? I am in the process of putting together our 39th annual Honolulu Intertribal Powwow Oct. 5-6 at Thomas Square, in which I dance as a traditional cloth dancer.

My mahalo to Nate Tazo and Josh Fong for giving us a wonderful time at the movies.