The Little Things We Do For Others

Dear Pamela,

Every week I read your column about the great “little” things people do for others. Never did I think I would write to you.

Last week I went to Costco to pick up a few things and could not find my debit card. I decided that I would go straight to the bank and put a stop on my account. At the bank I was told a stop had been put on my card nine days earlier! Apparently when I used my card I dropped it on the way to the car and someone picked it up and called the bank – 14 minutes after I dropped the card!

I don’t know who my angel was, but it was such a wonderful feeling to have someone watching out for me. This has been a stressful time recently and I appreciate that the aloha spirit still lives in people. Thank you again for having this column so we can acknowledge those who still do good deeds.

Gail Nishimura

Dear Pamela,

In front the Professional Building II in Kailua, I tripped on the uneven brick sidewalk and fell, sustaining a gash on my forehead, and bruises on my elbows, knees and chest.

I would like to acknowledge several men and a woman who instantly came to my aid, tending to my wounds, helping me to my feet, reassuring me and accompanying me to the doctor’s office. In the excitement, the pain and my embarrassment, I did not get their names or thank them personally.

To those good Samaritans, thank you very much. I am eternally grateful for your care and concern.

Al Chang (age 85)

Dear Pamela,

I had just arrived home when I received a call from Longs in Kailua to say that they had my wallet, which I had left on the counter in the pharmacy. When I went back to pick up my wallet, which was intact with money and credit cards, I was so grateful to whoever turned it in. I am not sure if it was the store manager who gave it to me, but he had no idea who turned it in. I would like to thank the person who did, for having to replace cards, etc., can be a chore. A big mahalo to all our neighbors and friends for looking out for all the seniors. We are very grateful.

Lorraine Caceres

Dear Pamela,

My friend in her wheel-chair and I on my walker were at Ward and Kapiolani trying to cross when my friend’s wheelchair stalled.

A car at the intersection started blasting the horn, as if it was our fault. May you get blessed this way when you get old! What goes around comes around. Then this kind man saw us in distress, parked his car in the Blaisdell lot and came to help us. In all the hurry, we forgot to ask his name. Thank you so very much. We’re glad there are people like you in the world to make up for people who have no patience!

Lea Ota and June Sueda

Dear Lea, June, Lorraine, Al and Gail,

You are so right. What goes around comes around, and your Anonymous Angels are due for some wonderful surprises as karma for their gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness to you.