A Team’s Respectful Sportsmanship

Aloha Pamela,

I would like to commend the young men of the Punahou (Gold) Soccer Team for the respect they showed to the Kamehameha (White) Soccer Team Dec. 13 when the boys from the Kamehameha team sang their alma mater at the end of the game. I have been, in the past two weeks, to four games (I have two grandsons who play on Kamehameha’s teams). The boys sing their alma mater at the end of each game. Punahou was the only team that stood at attention and alongside Kamehameha while they sang their school song. Other teams they played prior to this played around and talked, walked off the field while the school song was sung. So, Punahou (Gold) Soccer Team, be proud young men for the respect you showed an opposing team. This is a trait young people are losing.

Heather Ahia

Dear Heather,

“It was the boys’ idea to stand on the line and recognize Kamehameha as they sang their alma mater,” says Punahou coach Guy Murakami. “Our boys knew how important it was to honor and respect Kamehameha’s team and their school tradition. We’re proud of our team and look forward to them carrying on these values throughout their lives.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to acknowledge the kindness of two employees at Zippy’s in Waipio Gentry. We decided to take my mom to a late lunch. When we arrived, it was a bit cloudy but not raining. But when we were ready to leave, it was pouring rain. My mom was in a wheelchair, and we had no clue how we could get her into the car without getting soaking wet. I noticed that there was a side door right next to the handicapped parking stalls. I approached Sarah and asked if we could exit through that door. Sarah told me that she was almost finished with her shift, and she didn’t mind getting wet and would hold the umbrella so we could get my mom into the car. She then asked her supervisor MJ if she could open the door, and they both made sure my mom got into the car without getting wet. Thank you, Sarah and MJ, for keeping my mom dry!

Matt Chang

Dear Matt,

Zippy’s Waipio supervisor MJ Sumaoang says she and hostess Sarah Andrade are warmed by your letter. “We have the best customers!” she says. “Our jobs don’t end with just getting you the food. We make sure your whole experience is a good one.”

Dear Pamela,

Let me tell you about the staff that takes reservations for TheHandi-Van. How they keep their cool is beyond me. Those people are so gracious no matter what time or day (seven-day operation, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). They give their name when answering the phone. The closing question is, “Is there anything else we can do for you?” They are super at what they do. As a rider accompanying my wife (who is in a wheelchair) to her appointments, I don’t mind calling and setting up my wife’s appointments. Not anyone can keep their composure on the phone and do the service they provide with a smile. Yes, you can feel a smile when, at the other end of the phone, someone enjoys what they’re doing.

Bob Uyeda

Dear Bob,

“Mahalo for your words of appreciation,” says TheBus and TheHandi-Van spokeswoman Michelle Kennedy. “All of our TheHandi-Van staff members are trained to provide the best possible customer service and do so with aloha. We look forward to serving you and your wife on TheHandi-Van.”

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