A Team Of Angels On The Ground

Dear Pamela,

I enjoy reading Applause. It’s nice to hear about all of the “angels on the ground” who go out of their way to help others.

I want to share APPLAUSE for my mailman, Jason, and a neighbor across the street from where I fell on Ulili Street in Kahala. I was out for a walk and unexpectedly tripped on an uneven sidewalk. I was in so much pain I could not stand. Jason, my postman, appeared. He asked me if I was OK, introduced himself and proceeded to help me. I already had called an ambulance. He called them again to get an estimated time of arrival. He also talked to my husband to let him know what happened. A neighbor from the house across the street appeared and asked if she could help. Jason asked her to bring a pillow for my head. She came back with a pillow, ice that she placed on my arm and held up an umbrella for shade. Both of them stayed with me until the paramedics put me in the ambulance. Without Jason and my neighbor, I would have felt very helpless.

I was taken to Straub Hospital and was diagnosed with a dislocated elbow. The paramedics and emergency room nurses and doctors who helped me at Straub also deserve APPLAUSE because of the care and attention that I received. All in all, the care I received from Jason, the neighbor, the paramedics and ER staff at Straub made it an experience that defines the aloha spirit.

Venice Hochman

Dear Venice,

“We’re glad to hear that Ms. Hochman is doing well and are appreciative of her kind words for Waialae Kahala carrier Jason Kino,” says U.S. Postal Service corporate communications specialist Duke Gonzales. “That he went out of his way to help her is no surprise to us, as he is known as an easy-going, all-around nice guy who would help anyone in need. Like all mail carriers, Jason takes pride in serving his customers through the daily delivery of letters and packages, and by stepping up and assisting them in their times of need. We’re proud to include him in our postal ohana.”

Dear Pamela,

There are genuinely good people who are willing to help others without expecting a reward in return. My hope is that by sharing this story, I can inspire myself and others to do the same one day.

My sister and I were on the H1 westbound. While swerving to avoid a flattened box on the freeway, I clipped the side of my tire before the Halawa cutoff. I heard a familiar flat tire sound and had to pull over on the shoulder. There was hardly any room; my car barely fit. Cars were going more than 50 mph, and we were trying to see if we could change the tire in that tight space. We soon realized that it definitely was not safe, so we tried to call Freeway Service Patrol, but since it was a state holiday, no one was available. About five minutes passed, and we were surprised to see an American Medical Response ambulance pull over. Out of the vehicle came two kind-hearted, respectful and generous gentlemen, Danny Kao and Jared Matsuda, to help us get safely back on the road. They called another ambulance to block the lane for our safety and also so that they could leave to get air for the spare tire. A HPD officer also had followed the second ambulance to help block the lane. After changing the tire, they were kind enough to follow us up the road to our mechanic.

Their leadership and teamwork absolutely were astonishing, and there are no words to describe how thankful we are – their kindness definitely deserves a major shout out!

Danny and Jared, again thank you and your team for all of your help – your kindness will never be forgotten!

Midori and Kathy
Makiki and Palolo

Dear Midori and Kathy,

Chris Botelho, AMR supervisor, says this is not the first time Danny Kao and Jared Matsuda have lent a helping hand. “That’s the kind of people they are,” he says. “We are blessed to have them here. We treat our people as family and it shows in how they treat others.”

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