Teaching Valuable Skills To The Disadvantaged

By Jason Fujihara, president, Ohana Komputer

Ohana Komputer is a nonprofit corporation that teaches computer skills to disadvantaged residents in the state of Hawaii.

Established in 2000, our organization has served more than 14,000 youths and adults.


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Jason Fujihara

In today’s environment, technology skills are an essential part of life, and being skilled in technology broadens both education and employment opportunities. There is a tremendous need for sound technology skills and adept users.

Ohana Komputer has developed a hands-on thematic curriculum that teaches our students how to use Microsoft Office Professional Suite efficiently and appropriately.

We also have a new tablet curriculum, keeping pace with technology that has become prevalent in the marketplace.

Providing adults and seniors — who may be overwhelmed by technology — the chance to embrace computer use is an important part of who we are.

Kupuna want to learn to communicate with their loved ones, who may live on the Mainland, and we provide this opportunity in a very safe, kind and caring environment.

The medical, travel and banking industries also are encouraging online participation, furthering our kupunas’ need for computer skills.

We are excited to announce a new program called STEPS to Success, which will reach 200 youths in lower-income areas on Oahu.

STEPS integrates four disciplines: technology, music, visual arts and dance. Although today’s students are capable in texting, game-playing and manipulating the Internet, this is very different from using computer applications proficiently and productively.

There are many new technologies that are not always apparent but now are pervasive in many fields, such as accounting functions that previously were performed manually but are now performed with computer programs, which accomplish these tasks more efficiently. Art and music are now being created via the computer, and electronic portfolios are required with college applications.

Ohana Komputer is taking a broader look into technology trends and other areas where the computer is being used, and identifying how to enhance our students’ skill levels to accommodate newer trends.

We also offer private computer instruction for all skill levels.

For further information, please call 523-8191, email us at info@ohanakomputer.org or visit our website at ohanakomputer.org.

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