Tales Of Kindness And Honesty

Hi Pamela,

While driving to school/work early one morning – the sun had not quite risen – my daughter and I came across the cutest sight. A large city opala truck driver was assisting a little old lady across the street. He was walking alongside her and making sure that any traffic would stop, as she slowly crossed the large street with her walker. If not for him, it would have been a hazardous situation for her, as visibility was poor at that time of morning. When she reached the other side of the street, he jumped back into his truck and continued on his way out of Luawai Street and onto Kilauea Avenue. I don’t think the lady even acknowledged him, and he probably thought that no one was watching, but we saw his good deed and wanted to acknowledge it. It was so kind of him to see someone in need and take action! It was also a great example of human kindness for my daughter to see.

Judy Dang

Kaimuki Dear Judy, “This is an example of a city employee going above and beyond the requirements of his job,” says Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “The unidentified driver didn’t know anyone was watching and was just doing the right thing. Someone was watching, though, and I’d like to thank Judy Dang of Kaimuki for taking the time to bring this good deed to everyone’s attention. We hope others will follow his example in their daily lives.”

Hi Pamela,

I wanted to write to you because I was amazed at the honesty of someone who found my wallet on the ground near my car and turned it in right away. We had gone to Kaiser hospital on Red Hill to see my newborn grandson. Somehow, when exiting my vehicle, my wallet fell out and I didn’t notice. Later, in the hospital room, I noticed I was missing my wallet and went back to the car with my son to look for it. We couldn’t find it anywhere in the car and I started to panic a little. I said, “God, please help me find my wallet.” We searched, but to no avail, and it started to rain. My son and I started to walk back into the hospital when my cell phone rang It was the security office calling to tell me that they had my wallet. “Thank you, God!” my son said. The security officer, Sabrina, was very helpful. The invoice I had to sign showed that the person who turned my wallet in was named Jefferson Matro. I want to thank him for his honesty and respect in turning in my wallet right away. Thanks to Sabrina at security for her help as well.

The aloha spirit is alive and well in Hawaii!

Daryl Hee

Dear Daryl,

Your security angel was Sabrina Jones. “Our Kaiser Permanente team pride themselves on putting our members first and helping in any way we can,” says Kevin Uperesa, Kaiser Hawaii Security and Communications director. “We are very happy that everything worked out well for Mr. Hee.”