Taking A Perfect Selfie With Quik Pod

I was at the beach a couple weeks ago watching a Japanese tourist struggle with trying to get the perfect selfie as she jumped onto a picnic table trying to avoid a rather friendly golden retriever coming straight for her. I would have offered to take her picture, but between watching her dance around the picnic table to avoid this dog lick her, and still trying to take her own picture through all of this, I just had to sit back and have a laugh. Sometimes people do the silliest things in order to get a picture of themselves.


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Flower Power

After watching this poor gal, it made me wonder, what is truly the best way to take a selfie other than using your arms?? Those who have short arms have a disadvantage. I’m not into selfies, but I can see if you are by yourself and want to capture that awesome scenic background with you in it, you’ll need more than a long arm to do it with.

Solution: Buy a Quik Pod pole. They make a whole line of extendable poles that were actually initially made for GoPro cameras, but a universal smartphone adapter and remote are available as an option. Not only useful for single shot selfies, but these poles are great for all your action videos while hiking, diving, paragliding or skateboarding when you have no one else around to take the photo/video for you.

Each Quik Pod kit comes with a built-in selfie mirror to ensure your photos and videos are centered, a padded carry bag, waterproof lanyard, a quick release GoPro mount, a quick release universal camera mount/tripod screw to convert with accessory tripod legs for tabletop use as well.

The newest Quik Pod Explorer 3 includes a universal smartphone adapter and enhanced rubber grip. Prices start at $49.95 at quickpod.com.The Smart-phone Selfie Pole with Remote Control is $79.95.

* I have a tendency to inadvertently kill plants because my busy schedule makes me forget about them. So the Flower Power I found at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is probably I should have put it in the pot earlier.

It was made to analyze the growing conditions of your plants and send you the results to your device (sorry, only iOS for now). It’s powered with a AAA battery (lasts about six months) and the sensor measures the soil about four inches around it. If you have multiple plants in a window planter, this will be perfect. Installation is simple – just place it in the soil, water you plants to reduce air pockets, and you’re ready to go. The app will record and chart up to a year’s worth of data, and you’ll receive an alert on your device if an action is needed (i.e. watering, more fertilizer or more light). Pricing is $60 at Amazon.com, and it comes in brown and green.