Taking Action To Combat Hair Loss

Hawai‘i Hair Tattoo scalp micropigmentation paramedical practitioner and hair loss coach

Tattooing your head isn’t as crazy anymore. Actors Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx have both had it done to restore lost hairlines.

Everyone loses hair, but no one wants to. For men and women, hair loss spills over into personal and professional situations, creating stress for the sufferer in public and private. I went through it two years ago myself.

I help by meticulously and passionately restoring people to their original state using scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo. It’s done using an organic pigment compound that doesn’t change colors, and it’s applied with a digital tattoo machine and sterile individual needle. The discomfort is minimal, and the result looks real.

The best candidates are those who are ready to shave their heads (usually men) or those who have hairline structure with diffuse thinning (usually women).

Hannah Maruyama gets to work creating a new hairline for a client in her Hawai‘i Hair Tattoo studio.

Scalp micropigmentation can take years off and restore a healthy, confident look to those who want to take action against their hair loss by reconstructing the hairline and reducing contrast between the scalp and hair.

Scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo (Hawai‘i Hair Tattoo) and other forms of paramedical tattoo, like areola restoration, are the bridge between cosmetological and medical reconstruction, and

there is no limit to how many people scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo can help.

We’re busy in Hawai‘i with commuting, friends, work and, most importantly, family. Most people here don’t have time for surgical recovery, and many hair-loss drugs on the market have serious negative side effects. Scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo is the answer.

There is no downtime and little maintenance, so it’s practical, and it lasts for five to 10 years. It’s an amazing solution.

If you are interested in scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo, call or text me at 745-1003 and come in to the studio. I do free 15-minute consults, and if you think scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo is right for you, I will do a small spot test so you can see how it looks and feels.

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