Tails Of Aloha Teams Up With Keiki Sitters

By Kathy Custer, Owner of Keiki Sitters

Tails of Aloha has teamed up with Keiki Sitters to launch the Educational Pet Adoption Program. The program educates children and their families on pet ownership and its benefits, the locations of animal shelters and the importance of fostering and adopting animals in need.


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Mr. and Mrs. Otani share their dog Russett with Keiki Sitter Alyssa Christian and children enrolled in the group childcare event at JW Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina. Photos from Tails of Aloha

In March, Tails of Aloha brought two therapy cats and two therapy dogs to a Keiki Sitters’ group child-care event at JW Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina. The children learned pet safety, responsibility and non-verbal communication.

Ben, a 6-year-old child in an active-duty Navy family, was acting out at home and at school. His Keiki Sitter brought her three-legged rescue dog Leila to spend time with Ben. Ben talked to Leila, trusting her as a safe recipient of his secrets. Petting Leila seemed to calm him down, while allowing Ben to connect emotionally with another. He sometimes would not accept hugs from his caregivers, but would always cuddle with Leila to give and receive affection.

Another positive experience with Tails of Aloha Therapy program involved a hospital resident who had suffered a stroke. The patient began to cry when he was paired with the therapy pet. He told his wife that he was overjoyed that the dog accepted him as he was with his stroke.

Tails of Aloha is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal-assisted therapy organization founded in 1994 by Gayle Igarashi. Gayle’s insight on how animals can have a therapeutic effect on aged and ill people prompted her to create the program. Each month, Keiki Sitters reaches out to approximately 200 children. To learn more about Keiki Sitters, join us online at keikisitters.com.

Tails of Aloha also re-homes animals, supports and participates in the feral spay/neuter/microchip program, has partnered with the international READ program, and cares and feeds cats that are unadoptable. Tails of Aloha is caring for more than 30 cats and needs donations of dry and wet cat food, clumping cat litter, plastic grocery bags, cat toys, etc. Tails of Aloha does not receive any support from any agency. To make a donation or to volunteer, visit tailsofaloha.com.

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