Tagg GPS Tracker Keeps Tabs On Fido

Seeing my friend and her three rambunctious dogs last week made me remember the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show last month.

Pet trackers have been around for awhile and are becoming more common to prevent your pets from getting terribly lost, especially given that more than 10 million pets missing each year.

Tagg GPS Plus

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Tagg GPS Plus attaches to your dog's collar PHOTOG FROM TAGG

Tagg also has been around for awhile, and in conjunction with Alarm.com, the company announced the launch of Pet Tracker, a connected solution that brings together security and awareness for your home and family. Tagg’s updated iteration looks like a decked-out dog collar (but it actually just attaches to the collar), and with the help of an app lets you see exactly where your doggie is on a map, as well as track his/her activity (almost like a pet-fitness tracker). It’s waterproof and a perfect integration to your smart home setup.

You can see detailed information on their activity, such as if they’re experiencing unhealthy levels of hot or cold (i.e. sitting in a hot car), and you’ll receive an alert.

You can even use custom lock codes to monitor your pet’s caretaker coming and going, and it will notify you if they fail to arrive. Using the app, you can check on your pet with real-time video as well. Not sure what the actual battery life is, but the company claims you’ll only have to charge it two to three times per month.

The Tagg GPS Plus retails for $119.95, but is now on special for $99.95 (with 30 days free service). There is a monthly service charge of $9.95, and you can save 20 percent if you purchase the annual plan. Find it at pettracker.com


We barely got past Christmas and New Year’s and, wow, it’s already Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s not a “real holiday,” but still one we love to celebrate.

You don’t necessarily have to go buy cards for everybody, but the least you can do is send digital cards to everybody you care about.

Sure there are many digital card apps out there, but I like the look of these cards by American Greetings. The designs are clean and simple.

You can create your own meaningful card for Valentine’s Day (and every other occasion too), then you can send your cards out via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook or, of course, good ol’ snail mail.

One of its best features is that it lets you add your own pictures and actually sign it yourself.

Some people prefer to receive paper cards, and if you must, it lets you print it out.

If you don’t have time to pick a card at the store, this app saves you tons of time and has a decent selection.

It’s free for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.