Sustainable Feed Supply Tops To-do List

Citing the need for “sustainable, low-cost feed sup- plies,” Oceanic Institute has shifted its focus and reshuffled its leadership in recent weeks.

Based next to Sea Life Park, the institute supports 50 professionals involved in research and education. It is overseen by a board of trustees and has been affiliated with Hawaii Pacific University for 10 years.

Aquaculture and livestock feed research have moved to the top of the agenda, according to OI officials, especially feed-mill technologies, which have “special potential for a state in which ever-escalating costs of feed for both livestock and shrimp have led to sharp declines in local production and increases in food costs.”

OI president Anthony Ostrowski is now the exec- utive for the Feed Mill Program, with lead scientist Shaun Moss replacing him as acting president. Moss will be co-CEO with HPU general counsel Janet Kloenhamer. HPU president Geoffrey Bannister, chairman of the trustees, announced the change in late June.