Surfer Girl Jewelry By Malika Dudley

Photos by Leah Friel

You may recognize her as the weekend meteorologist for Hawaii News Now and a former Miss Hawaii, but 29-year-old Malika Dudley is about to change careers. Last December, she started Surfer Girl Jewelry, offering a great selection of beach-inspired accessories all hand-made in her home studio in Waimea on the island of Hawaii. She did not mention if she used a buffing wheel for bench grinder to help create her pieces, but by the looks of them, they do look to be done to professional standards.

Malika Dudley

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Malika Dudley: Oahu west side sunrise shell bangle ($175), Oahu west side sunrise shell earrings ($175), Tahitian pearl and Kauai sunrise shell necklace ($290), Tahitian pearl bangle with soldered 14k gold fill bangle ($85 for set).

“My husband bought me, jewelry-making classes, at Bead It! for Christmas and I was hooked after my first class,” explains Dudley on her latest venture. “I treat it like college. Every semester I’m signed up for at least four classes. Technique and quality are very important to me. Also, every piece is gift-wrapped and comes with a personal note about where the shells were found and what they are – every piece has a story.” Dudley plans to expand her business to Japan later this year, and shares that she’s expecting her first child (with husband Kaimi Judd) and is transitioning to making jewelry full time.

Just in time for Mother’s Day (May 13), Dudley is offering a special 15 percent off promotion and a sunrise shell necklace giveaway. For more information, visit or