Supporting Our Seniors And Their Caregivers

By Gary A. Powell, executive director, The Caregiver Foundation

Are you a caregiver, or are you planning for/seeking caregiving? The Caregiver Foundation (TCF) is a local, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing practical and emotional support for caregivers — seniors and disabled adults in need of care, and their families.


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Gary Powell (left) speaks with advisory board members Ann and Peter Millard at The Caregiver Foundation's Nov. 7 Starlight Fancies fundraiser at 3660 On The Rise PHOTOS FROM THE CAREGIVER FOUNDATION

Founded in 2008 by executive director Gary A. Powell, the organization serves 120 clients on all main Hawaiian islands, including more than 1,000 caregivers through its five monthly Caregiver Support groups.

TCF services include care coordination (at-home or placement into facilities), family caregiving planning, daily money management (bill-paying for seniors), and guardianship/conservatorship and trustee services/trusteeship for special needs trusts.

“Caregiving gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the value of prior generations,” says Powell, who became a caregiver for his grandfather as a teenager. “I started (TCF) to provide services and support for seniors in whatever stage of life they happen to be, and to accept them at that stage. We don’t expect them to change what can’t be changed in the aging process — seniors (and disabled adults) need people to meet their current needs, just as they are.”

Mrs. N, 77, needed assistance to maintain her independent living. Her home was infested with rodents and full of spoiled food. Her finances were in complete disarray. TCF coordinated and oversaw the cleaning of Mrs. N’s house, including the hiring of a regular housekeeper, Meals on Wheels services, automated medication and monthly nurse’s visits. Mrs. N is currently preparing to go on a cruise with a certified nurse’s aide, as organized by TCF. TCF strives to help all clients in need, but is currently struggling to assist low-income seniors and disabled adults who cannot afford proper care. Its Palama Aloha Legacy Society was created specifically to help low-income care recipients through the organization. A fundraising event, Starlight Fancies, was held Nov. 7, and the organization hopes to raise more throughout its winter donation campaign and annual spring fundraiser.

If you are interested in helping TCF’s cause, please visit its website at, contact Powell by email at or call 625-3782.

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