Students Display ‘The Wonder Of Water’ Art At Kapolei Hale

In an effort to educate the public about the importance of conserving water, Honolulu Board of Water Supply hosts its annual Water Conservation Week, which highlights an island-wide student-based poster and poetry exhibit on the theme, ‘The Wonder of Water.’

Kekoa Oishi

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Poster art by Kekoa Oishi, a sixth-grader at Kapolei Middle School

With nearly 2,500 entries from 73 participating public, private and charter schools, BWS has its exhibit through May 24 at Honolulu Hale to display the winning pieces. It then travels to Kapolei Hale to showcase the art from May 30 to June 14.

“Oftentimes we take water for granted,” said BWS communications representative Kurt Tsue.

“Every time we turn on the tap, we have an expectation that water will always be there, but water is a very valuable and finite resource.”

The students’ posters and poetry were evaluated on several attributes. The judging panel – which included graphic artists, illustrators and BWS specialists – wanted the artistic value to emphasize ‘The Wonder of Water,’ what makes water special to them and why its sustainability is vital to our island community.

“It is really impressive the work these students do,” added Tsue.

“We always look forward to putting on this exhibit.”