Strangers Help When It’s Needed

Dear Pamela,

On a flight from Seoul, Korea, to Honolulu, my husband lost his glasses while sleeping in his “pod.” He and I searched all over the area but could not find his glasses! Although the airplane was full of APEC passengers, an impeccably dressed flight attendant went on her hands and knees searching for my husband’s glasses. With a flashlight, she devoted at least 15 minutes to the task before finding the glasses wedged in between the seat and the sides of the pod. Although we did not get her name, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Korean Airlines for selecting her and training her well. Not only did she provide exceptional service, she did so with such a pleasant demeanor and with a sweet smile!

Dan and Jane Katayama
Waialae Iki

Dear Dan and Jane,

“Our cabin crews do a great job,” says Korean Airlines Honolulu senior traffic manager Dustin Kim. “We pay special attention to anything a passenger reports missing, no matter what the value. If the cabin crew cannot find it, a message is relayed to the ground crew. We also post lost and found items on our website. I’m so happy to hear the Katayamas were pleased with their flight.”

Dear Pamela,

For senior citizens, it is a challenge to do even the simplest errands. After I was hospitalized I had no confidence to drive my car. I sold it and bought a bus pass. One recent day made me aware of the good people around Oahu willing to help an elderly woman. Many bus drivers help me take my little shopping cart on and off the bus. One driver in particular listed all the buses going by Dillingham for me.

Then one day at Costco I met Don and Linda Johanson. After some friendly conversation, they drove me all the way back to my home in Waikiki. Such a great day with so many wonderful people!

Therefore, I would like to thank all TheBus drivers for being so willing to help seniors. And I would like to wish Don and Linda a wonderful 50th anniversary. Thank you for renewing my faith and reassuring me the world still cares for its senior citizens.

Tsuneko Takara

Dear Tsuneko,

Linda says her husband Don usually waits outside while she shops at Costco. “When I came out, the two of them were having a grand time talking and sharing pizza. She’s a very sweet lady. When we dropped her off she wanted to take us into the lobby and introduce us to her building manager. It was a very nice encounter.”

Dear Pamela,

Today my wife was driving to work. She stopped at the light on Kamehameha Highway next to the Ford Island bridge. When the green arrow came on, she started to make a left turn. Suddenly, a young man trying to beat the light slammed into her car and knocked it about 30 feet into the stadium fencing. He totaled both her car and his. She called 911 and asked for help. Police and HFD arrived and helped her out. She was not hurt but did have a sore back. The young man was taken to a nearby hospital. To the young Marine officer who stopped to check on her: Thank you very much. Wish she had gotten your name. To all the folks who just drove on around the two destroyed cars: You should have stopped even just to check if all were OK. To Police Officer Spence: Thank you for taking care of my wife. And thank God she is all right.

Mike McDavitt

Dear Mike,

Your wife had an angelwatching over her. On the ground, Officer Spence from District 3 (Pearl City) was her guardian. But her real hero today was you for your loving care and concern.

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