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When Strangers Help Strangers

Aloha Pamela,

I am a mother of five children under the age of 11 in the middle of grad school at UHManoa, with a husband who (thankfully) works full time. My days are often long and hectic. This was one of those days. I lost my wallet at Ala Moana. After retracing my steps, the wallet was nowhere to be found. My friend told me, “If you dropped your wallet at Ala Moana, you can kiss it goodbye.” I made an inquiry at Customer Service and the rep told me that, yes, they had my wallet. What a relief! A big mahalo to my angel Julia Ida for coming to my rescue by taking the time to pick up my wallet and turn it into Customer Service.

Anna-Marie Abraham

Dear Anna,

Julia Ida says she and her mother stumbled upon your wallet in the parking lot. We looked inside for a phone number but there wasn’t any,” she says. “I saw that she was a student at UH. I graduated last year, so I knew there must have been important papers and IDs she needed. I was raised in Japan, and there you are taught to help people whenever you can. I was just doing my small part.”

Aloha Pamela,

Several weeks ago, my mother of 84 years asked for assistance in finding a particular household cleaning product she used to purchase at the Schofield commissary but had suddenly become unavailable there. I tried the distributor’s number on the bottle – an outfit in Kapolei – only to find it had gone out of business. The elderly owner suggested I contact the trucking company that used to deliver it to her outlet customers: Five Star Trucking in Honolulu.

Mike of Five Star advised that I should try one or two other outlets in case they still had the product in stock. I wasn’t successful. A few days later, a call back to Mike was indeed the only remaining option. He not only found some of the product remaining in his warehouse, but delivered a case to my office in Campbell Industrial Park the very next business day – no charge.

I just want to express my sincere gratitude to Mike, Jesse and the rest of the wonderful staff at Five Star Trucking for putting a big huge smile on my mother’s face.

Steve Hinton

Dear Steve,

Mike Hruby, president and owner of Five Star Trucking, says tracking down the product in his warehouse was nothing extraordinary. “I didn’t know Steve or his mother, but this is just what you do for customers. I appreciate the Hintons writing an APPLAUSE letter, but what I did I would do for anyone.”

Aloha Pamela,

A Mr. Kawamura (no relation) from Pearl City found and turned in my handbag to the Navy commissary. A call from the office prompted my return to retrieve my bag. Since no reward was accepted, I have made a donation to Shriners Hospitals. May Mr. Kawamura have a long, healthy life. Mahalo nui loa. And thank you to MidWeek for having such an upbeat column filled with good feelings, even tears of joy. There are many, many good people out there!

Joan Kawamura
Pearl City

Dear Joan,

Mr. Kawamura’s thoughtfulness and your generosity are truly paying it forward. “We are thrilled to receive Ms. Kawamura’s donation,” says Shriners Hospitals director of public relations Mahealani Richardson.” The funds will be used to better the care for all our patients. This is a fine example of community spirit.”

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