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Still Building Strong Financial Futures

president of Finance Factors

Finance Factors was founded 70 years ago to help many of Hawai‘i’s hardworking families who struggled to obtain loans for everyday needs, from refrigerators to pots and pans. As our community’s fi-nancing needs changed, we evolved, too. Today, we are a focused real estate lender and savings institution, specializing in conforming and nonconforming residential mortgages and commercial real estate loans.

The high cost of living, low housing inventory and current interest rates have made Hawai‘i a difficult place for many people to get ahead. Because of our long history in Hawai‘i, we understand its unique real estate market, and know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for the challenges we face here. Therefore, we approach lending with creativity, quick decision-making and a fierce commitment to make loans happen for our customers.

Finance Factors makes a splash at the 2022 Hawai‘i Association of Mortgage Professionals conference in September. Pictured are (front row, from left) Rory Matsumoto and Lisa Tarumoto; (second row) Romeo Anacan, Deborah Uetake and Paul Vella; (back row) and Gary Thompson, Josh Grant and Rob Nelson. PHOTO COURTESY FINANCE FACTORS

Owning real estate is one of the best paths to financial security and wealth creation in our islands. We continue to give people timely custom solutions to help navigate our local market, paving their way to financial success and a world of possibilities.

Finance Factors employees show off their “if no can, we can” spirit. Pictured are (seated, from left) Monica Willis, Jasmine Olmos, Marc Lawrence Bilen and Kristal Kaku; (standing) and Kei Kido and Paul Vella. PHOTO COURTESY FINANCE FACTORS

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or business owner looking to expand your commercial presence, our custom products can help you reach your goals. We have competitive 30-year fixed rate loans, options that address today’s high interest rates, and powerful multi-collateral programs that parents and grandparents often utilize to help their children and grandchildren become homeowners and build generational wealth.

To help you save for your future faster, we have some of the best rates on savings and certificates of deposits. Whether saving for a down payment, your next big purchase or retirement, we can help give your hard-earned cash a boost.

Increased access to financing will help more homeowners remain in Hawai‘i and strengthen our community.

At Finance Factors, we like to say, “If no can, we can!” because we truly believe that our can-do attitude makes a world of difference in helping our clients achieve home ownership and financial peace of mind. Feel free to give us a call 808-522-2000 or visit us at financefactors.com.