Stepping Up To The Bar For Fitness

The Bar Method opened its first Hawaii studio this month at 2758 S. King St. in Moiliili, offering unique one-hour targeted body-sculpting workouts.

“It’s a bar-base (think ballet bar) exercise that incorporates the best of yoga, Pilates and ballet,” explains Elaina Olson, teacher/owner. “It’s extremely high-intensity and very low-impact. It’s designed by a physical therapist, and each exercise gets you into the muscle quickly to really effectively reshape your body in one hour.”


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Instructor Tiana Arausa with a class at The Bar Method Honolulu BODIE COLLINS PHOTOS

Olson, who is originally from Seattle, discovered The Bar Method a few years ago through its DVDs. She was living in American Samoa at the time, where she taught high school math, and instantly fell in love with the unique exercise system. Later, she moved to San Francisco and worked at The Bar Method’s headquarters, assisting new studio owners with the opening of more than 40 studios. Then, she decided to open a studio in one of her most favorite vacation spots — Hawaii, and moved here last May.

“The Bar Method helped improve my posture and upper body. My arms are much more toned and my shoulders are much more sculpted than before,” says Olson. “It also makes you a little more graceful and aware of your body. I’ve always been very athletic, but nothing changed my body as quickly and exactly as I wanted than Bar Method.”

Olson recommends doing the workouts three to five times a week, and says you should see results within the first two weeks. The studio, which is the company’s 83rd location, just opened Jan. 17, and is already filled with students from early morning to early evening.

A single class costs $24. There also is a new client special for $100 for 30 days of unlimited classes. For details, visit