Staying Active

I joined MidWeek in February 2001. At that time, I was a recent journalism graduate from UH, single, working multiple jobs in retail, volunteering with various organizations, all while contemplating whether to pursue a career in journalism. I interned at the news station, and got my foot in the door as a camera operator for KHNL’s Chopper8 helicopter, but it was a call from my former journalism professor Tom Brislin about an opening at MidWeek that led me to what has truly turned out to be my dream career.


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Keeping active with the kids: Koen at basketball, soccer, jiu-jitsu, flag football and volleyball; Masen tries ice skating, at the finish of the recent Visitors Industry Charity Walk and in the pool.

While at MidWeek, I was able to keep my part-time job at Niketown, where I was one of the group leaders of the store’s popular Running Club until it sadly ended when the store closed in 2009. I’ve always been active, but it was during my time at Niketown that my love for sports and fitness really grew. I became a regular at local races (sometimes placing in my age group), did a few triathlons, was a coach with Team Jet and finished 14 marathons. I also loved going to the gym, surfing and playing basketball.

So when MidWeek started a fitness column (first in our Metro paper) in 2005, I was so happy editor Don Chapman asked me to write it.

Throughout the years, I’ve shared tips from some of the Island’s top trainers, interviewed countless fitness enthusiasts, heard a lot of amazing weightloss stories, joined bootcamps, tested out various fitness products and met a lot of wonderful people who inspire others to be fit and healthy.

Well, a lot has changed since I joined MidWeek. These days, I’m the one in need of motivation. As a sleep-deprived mom of two young children and working a full-time job, all I want to do with my free time is to stay in bed.

I’m not in the gym anymore, or running regularly, but I do feel like I’m still very much “On The Move.” It’s just these days, it’s about keeping active with the kids.

My 6-year-old Koen wants to do everything (wonder where he gets that from?). He’s tried volleyball at Tava Tots, played soccer with AYSO, plays flag football and basketball, and takes jiu-jitsu at Relson Gracie Waterfront. My 4-year-old Masen loves to run, swim and can’t wait to play soccer too.

It can be difficult to balance work, family and exercise, but it’s definitely possible. Many gyms now offer babysitting services on-site. And there are many ways to be active with your child, such as playing catch with them at the park.

Or, as I’ve discovered, you can include yourself in their activities. For example, my son’s jiu-jitsu instructor lets me jump in on the kid’s class, which has been fun and really gets me sweating.

Exercise can be for the whole family. No excuses.