Spouses Conference Coming Soon To Schofield Barracks

The deadline is fast approaching for military spouses to sign up for the Oct. 5 Joint Spouses’ Conference (JSC) at Schofield Barracks.

As a nonprofit, JSC’s purpose is to bring educational and informational workshops to spouses of active duty, reserve, National Guard and armed services retirees, including spouses of international military officers assigned to a U.S. military unit.

The conference is designed to enrich, enlighten and empower attendees in their roles as spouses, parents, professionals and community leaders.

“While our lifestyle is inherently challenging, there are incredible opportunities that come our way,” stated JSC director Sheila Johnson. “And one of those is living in Hawaii. This year’s conference will challenge spouses to try something new, do something different, learn a new skill and meet new people.”

It will offer a variety of activities, guest speakers, an information expo, a light breakfast, lunch, and a wrap-up party with entertainment.

Workshops include a hands-on Thai cooking class, a North Shore water adventure with stand up paddling, kayaking and water war on a floating air mattress; Mixology 101 to share the secrets of perfect tropical cocktails, and a historic trolley tour of Schofield Barracks.

Deadline to register is 7 p.m. Aug. 12. Go to jschawaii.com to sign up. For more information, consult the JSC 2013 Facebook page.