On-the-spot Super Service

Dear Pamela,

May I offer my most enthusiastic shout out to Barry at the Vacuum Cleaner Center. I brought my vacuum in for repair, thinking I would be given a date as to when to come back for pickup. Well, Barry, on the spot, meticulously examined my vacuum, did some tests, pushed some buttons and, as he told me, “I have good news and good news for you.” It was working fine, with the exception of needing a new filter. When he wrote out the bill for the filter, I was expecting him to add a fee for service, but nada! I even told him I felt bad not paying him something for his expertise, but he would take nothing. What a breath of fresh air in today’s world of take what you can get. Thank you, Barry!

Karyn Abe

Dear Karyn,

Barry Schneider gives his APPLAUSE to his father. “We do this kind of thing instinctively,” he says. “We’ve been in business for 60 years. My father opened the store in 1953 and passed down all the training. He told us how to treat customers, how to build relationships. He always said there is nothing better than a satisfied customer!”

Dear Pamela,

Mahalo and blessings to Christine from Calista by Cotton Cargo at Kahala Mall, who found my charge card that, unbeknownst to me, had fallen out of my purse while I was in the store having my dress altered for my granddaughter’s wedding. Because I had to leave my phone number so I could be called when the alterations were completed, Gilda, the store manager, was kind enough to call me to let me know that she would hold my charge card until I could pick it up. I am eternally grateful to the both of you for your sincere honesty and kindness! You are definitely angels in my eyes!

Many thanks!

Eleanor Graff

Dear Eleanor,

Sales associate Christine Andrade, who has been working at Cotton Cargo for five years, says it’s always a pleasure to serve such friendly clients. “She was so nice. Of course, this is something store manager Gilda Minassin and I would do for anyone. If I lost my card, I would hope that someone would be just as honest.”

As we enter a new year, let me offer my personal APPLAUSE to Hawaii’s teachers. Two in particular have opened doors for me and thousands of other students who sat in their classrooms. The first, Virginia Young, is my sister, former head of the English Department at Kawananakoa Middle School. Several times a year I am approached by one of her former students who remembers her humor, diligence and sense of discipline. I am awed by the impact a single person can have on the lives of so many.

The second is Jane Nikaido, my high school journalism teacher. Though I did not know then that broadcast news would be my career, her words come back to me time and time again. She recognized that I was somewhat strange and quirky, and simply let me be myself instead of molding me into a cookie-cutter student.

To two these two women I owe so much, and I give APPLAUSE to you and all other teachers. We carry your words and actions in our hearts and minds far beyond the classroom. pyoung@kitv.com