Specializing In Men’s Health

By Dr. Michael Dimitrion
Founder and Medical Director of Universal Men’s Clinic

When we started Universal Men’s Clinic, few took us seriously. Some media were even reluctant to accept our advertising.


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Dr. Michael Dimitrion

Little was known about andropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women, and few understood the dangers of low testosterone. Even fewer believed there were proven erectile dysfunction treatments beyond the little blue pills.

Realizing there was a need to address this issue and bring it to the forefront of medical care, and because of new men’s health care developments, I started Universal Men’s Clinic with an emphasis on good, evidence-based medical care. I have been in private practice since 1977 and received training specific to men’s health, erectile dysfunction and testosterone replacement before opening the clinic.

We limit the number of patients we see each day to ensure that each patient is handled promptly and with the highest care. Many patients suffer from andropause – a decline in testosterone that leads to lower libido, lack of energy and stamina, to erectile dysfunction and a variety of other sexual health issues. Many patients are older athletes who are “feeling their age” and want not only to recover from workouts quicker, but to continue to excel in their favorite sports despite their age.

Under the care of a physician, testosterone-replacement therapy is safe, and the benefits include mental clarity, better quality of sleep, decrease in belly fat and increase in muscle development, energy and stamina, and sexual desire.

During the month of November, the clinic is supporting Movember, a national movement to increase awareness of men’s health issues by providing free blood workups and exams for union and military service members. Free appointments are based on doctor availability.

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