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Some Angels Come Without Wings

Hi Pamela,

My son Brent had a car accident after going through the Wilson Tunnel. He was alone and Kaneohe bound. We aren’t certain why the car went out of control, but the short story is that the car crashed into the guardrail and is a total loss. I want to thank the two men who stopped and helped my son out of the car, and the woman who called 911. They could have easily driven past and not gotten involved, but they saw he was alone and needed help, and they stopped. I have no idea who they are, but will always be grateful! I want them to know that my son is fine. Amazingly, he only had minor scratches – no broken bones, not even a bruise. I also want to thank the paramedics who took care of him and took him to Castle hospital, and the police who took care of our car. Things went very smoothly as we tried to sort things out of the chaos.

I guess there really are guardian angels around, Pamela, but don’t look for wings!

Sheila Honzaki,

Dear Sheila,

“We’re glad to hear that your son is all right, and feel deeply honored to be appreciated by you,” says Kaneohe EMS paramedic Carl Zsido, who assisted your son along with EMT Eric Lum. “People who take the time to write an appreciation letter to us makes our job all worthwhile. Once again, thank you very much.”

Aloha Pamela,

I would like to applaud and acknowledge my supervisor and friend, Faye Ramos.

A few weeks ago as she was leaving Longs Drug Store in Kailua, she found a wad of money in the parking lot. It was $500! There was no one around who appeared to be looking for anything and no one saw that she had picked up the money. Faye, being the honest woman that she is, took the $500 to the manager of Longs. The manger took her name and number and said that if no one claimed it he would call her and give the money to her.

The next day she received a call from a man named Tony. He had lost the money, and even though he did not think it was possible that anyone who found the money would actually return it, he checked with the manager at Longs and got his money back!

When he called Faye to thank her, he said that he had really needed the money and that her actions had restored his faith in humanity.

Faye is an honorable and exceptional person. Her kindness, compassion and honesty are an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

Rebecca Cuba,

Dear Rebecca,

Your sentiments are echoed by Faye’s co-worker Ari Fuchtman, a group home counselor for the Mary Jane Program at Catholic Charities in Kailua.