How To Snap a Perfect #Selfie

HISY is a Bluetooth remote control that you can use for your iPhone’s camera to take the perfect selfie without the awkward angle.

You may remember me writing about Quik Pod a few months ago, but HISY is a more convenient option for selfies, since there’s no big pod to carry around. It’s also much cheaper, and it comes with a small stand to lean your phone against.


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HISY right out of the box. ALISON YOUNG PHOTO

Out of the box, setting up HISY took literally a minute. It’s as simple as turning your iPhone’s Bluetooth on, clicking the button on HISY and pairing the devices. I took my first test shot a few seconds later.

Once you have it paired, HISY works automatically when your Camera app is open. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which means the battery drain is minimal and the range is rated up to 90 feet. I actually was able to take pictures from about 100 feet away.

When your Camera app isn’t open, HISY can control your device’s volume. Pushing its button will increase the volume of your ringer or whatever you’re listening to. Unfortunately, it will not take pictures from within Instagram, but it will work in other apps, such as Snapseed.

The bottom line is HISY is an excellent wireless remote for iPhone selfie enthusiasts. It’s so small and light (2.4 ounces) that it will fit into your smallest pocket. A drawback is there’s is no way to turn it on/off, but the battery is rated to last up to two years (if you take 100 pictures a day).

Of course, there are other, possibly more advanced remotes out there, but you can’t really argue with the price. For the Android community, the company released a similar product called HALO, and it works in conjunction with an app.

HISY comes with a headphone jack attachment so you always can have it with your iPhone. It comes in lime green, red, blue, black and white and costs a very affordable $24.99 at HALO also sells for $24.99 (same website). You can see the creativity of others’ selfies on Instagram @hisypix.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Lego Fusion: Town Master

Riding on the coattails of The Lego Movie‘s popularity, Lego Fusion: Town Master is an awesome app game for Lego fans. Suggested for ages 7-12, your keiki construct building facades out of real Lego bricks, take a picture of it and transport it digitally into a thriving virtual town. By constructing the buildings on the plate, the app can “see” the structure and re-create it digitally.

Town Master simulates a city complete with Lego characters who have needs and wishes. As the mayor and chief architect, you’ll watch the faces of citizens and tap on their thought bubbles to keep them happy. The citizens will send you on missions and have building requests (including a hospital, school, pizzeria, bike shop and others).

The game is slated to release sometime this month — the app is free and the 256-piece Lego set sells for $34.99.