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Skateboard Firm Seeks Expansion With Community Support

Daniel Young is living his dream of creating skateboards by hand, which he began doing as a hobby 15 years ago.

By using Hawaiian woods like koa and mango, Young’s boards combine stunning woodwork with Hawaii’s surf culture.

Daniel Young Skateboards

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A hand-crafted skateboard from Daniel Young Skateboards.

Young, 27, grew up in his father’s woodworking shop (Robb Young’s Fine Woodworking) and has been skateboarding ever since he can remember. He made his first board when he was in eighth grade and started creating boards for his own line of skateboards, Daniel Young Skateboards, during the summer of 2004.

Now, Young is looking to expand his passion into a full-fledged business. Daniel Young Skateboards operates out of Aiea and is trying to raise $35,000 through the website Kickstarter.com by April 13 for a commercial-grade laser engraver.

“I still want to have artwork and pictures, but I also want the natural beauty of the wood to come through that,” he explained.

Kickstarter.com is a new way to fund creative projects, and those interested in helping Young achieve his goal can visit dysbhi.com.

For every individual backer, there are rewards for contributions including koa keychains, koa iPhone veneers, koa moleskin notebooks and skate-boards.

For off-island supporters, Young will even fly those who pledge $10,000 or more out to Hawaii to design a customer skate-board series.

“I’ve always appreciated beauty and beautiful woods,” he explained. “I wanted something unique, and I don’t use any stains or graphics. It’s all the natural beauty of the wood.

“Traditionally skate-boards were made to serve its purpose,” Young said, “and they were almost ugly.”

On the website, it’s all or nothing. Young needs to raise the $35,000 before the project’s time on Kickstarter.com expires, or the money is refunded. He’s confident he will reach his monetary goal.

“With people’s support, anything is possible,” Young said.

To hear Young’s complete story and find out how to help, check out www.kickstarter.com/projects/1422087390/daniel-young-skateboards-hawaii?ref=live

For more information, email him at dysbhi@gmail.com or visit dysbhi.com.