Sig Zane For Hurley

Sig Zane and Hurley have teamed up to launch the Sig Zane for Hurley capsule collection, featuring unique artistic prints by the culturally and educationally based Sig Zane Designs from Hilo.

The collection is part of Hurley’s Artist series and consists of men’s and women’s boardshorts, hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops and hats.


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Desmond Centro: Sig Zane For Hurley 'Ululoa Rasta' boardshorts $49.50

“(My son) Kuhao and I are stoked because our lifestyles merge in this collection,” says Sig. “We also get to incorporate our designs and the stories on a different medium: The surf shorts are definitely a day-to-day personal expression of art and style, and partnering with a corporation that has international reach is a blessing for all of Hawaii.

“The designs selected include two distinct prints specifically chosen for the canvas and the audience. The Ho’olehua, representing our forests with the ‘ohi’a and its blossom, is significant because it also refers to an expert. The Lehua is the champion surfer, the best warrior, the incredible lei maker. The Ululoa, one of the stars in our skies, is of the breadfruit. Our take with ‘ulu is the symbolism of both growth and inspiration. With each print we have instilled an interpretation of traditional thought practices, providing a bigger picture to the history in the land of surfing.”

Zane, who was born in Honolulu and has been living in Hilo since 1980, started Sig Zane Designs 27 years ago creating hand silk-screened pareu and T-shirts. His son Kuhao serves as creative director, and is responsible for taking his father’s intricate hand-cut designs to fabric, jewelry, sculpture and home interiors.

The Sig Zane for Hurley collection is available at various surf shops in the islands, such as HIC, and of course, at Sig Zane Designs in Hilo or online. For more information, visit or call 808.935-7077.