Sibling Has Her Say About Obama

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama speaks to students and parents at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va., May 4 about his efforts to prevent interest rates from doubling on federal student loans. AP photo/J. Scott Applewhite

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has a brother who does not share her liberal point of view, and annually she lets him have his say in her space.

I have a sister Linda, a retired public school teacher in Ohio. She generally votes Democratic but tells me she will not be voting for Barack Obama this year.

So I decided to let her have this space to say why:

* He apologized for U.S. “bad behaviors” to countries which accept U.S. loans and military support; who send inferior imports while not allowing us to export goods without exorbitant tariffs, if at all.

* He wants to try terrorists in U.S. courts, which affords them the same legal rights as Americans.

* He wants to close Gitmo as inhumane while U.S. citizens are publicly dismembered and hung in view of all.

* He forced a socialist national health care plan on most everyone. He will allow a fine if one doesn’t or can’t pay for it, even if unwanted or unneeded. Allowing certain groups to opt out is discriminatory. How could Mr. Obama sign into law a bill that members of Congress readily acknowledged they hadn’t read?

* He tried to require religious institutes to provide birth control and abortion coverage as part of health care coverage.

* He oversaw the highest national debt of any president.

* He lost jobs and energy independence due to the moratorium on the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada, and oil drilling moratorium on federal lands and off-shore areas.

* He has no real energy policy for the nation. Much of the oil America has refined is shipped to other countries, lowering our supply, which has increased our cost of refined oil in all forms.

* He monetarily backed “green companies” such as Solyndra without due diligence, resulting in a billion-dollar loss when there was knowledge of pending bankruptcy due to a poor business plan. Some involved in these companies gave large donations to Obama’s campaign.

* Not creating jobs for the unemployed in exchange for monies, such as maintaining the nation’s infrastructure. There has been no opportunity to retain one’s dignity by working in exchange for wages.

* Exponentially increased the size of federal government, which has greatly added to our higher national debt. Allowed federal employees’ wages to increase at a much higher ratio than public sector wages.

* Created greater race division. Specifically called on blacks to unite to support him in his next presidential bid. I thought a president is president of everyone. He should ask all people for support rather than asking specific groups based on skin colors.

Well, that’s my Sis. Will she really vote for Mitt?

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