Showing Aloha And Character

Hi Pamela,

I wanted to send out a big MAHALO to a young man and his girlfriend who helped push my stalled car out of the middle of the lane on South King Street and Kapiolani Boulevard near Market City, as you exit the freeway. My car was blocking the middle lane, and it was a bit dangerous as cars tried to whiz around me.

Then later, Lincoln Smith of Areo Towing and Recovery was so nice to stop to offer me a free tow a few blocks to my house, to help get me out of a busy part of Kapiolani Boulevard. He says he does this for others he sees in trouble, just to help them out. This is a guy who has true aloha for others, and I’d definitely use his services if I needed to be towed a longer distance.

Jackie Young

Dear Jackie,

Lincoln Smith says it’s all a part of being in the community. “When I see someone who might be in trouble or in a dangerous situation, it’s second nature to offer a tow to a nearby shopping center or parking lot for free. Their safety is more important than the money.”

Dear Pamela,

Over the past few months, the Kaiser High School football teams, both JV and Varsity, have demonstrated great character, and I am not sure they realize just how great of a positive impact it has been for the Hawaii Kai community. Beyond winning games, their hard work and commitment could be seen through teamwork and camaraderie on and off the field. They caused many of us who may not have any children on the field want to gather under the Friday night stadium lights. I feel it is important to recognize all those who are involved, whether you are a coach, faculty member, parent or player. I thank you for giving your community a reason to come together as one! It’s been an exciting ride and the best part is, it’s just the beginning!

Jody Yamauchi-Oku
Hawaii Kai

Dear Jody,

Kaiser athletic director Rodney Iwasaki says the staff lives the motto, “One Team, One Family, Cougar Country … Staff members work hard; they know their sports,” he says. “They’re thinking safety first, always.

They’re teaching the game of life. For many high school students, this is it. They may not play football beyond senior year. This is their time to play, so we need to send positive messages they can use for the rest of their lives.”

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