Shakeup Is Unsettling

Hopefully everyone survived the holidays and is feeling better.

Of course, some people are feeling better than others. Most of us are not in the position to control the situation we are in, but feeling gloomy doesn’t help.

The old schoolbook says to just keep working hard, don’t let your psychological energy slow down and keep a smile on your face. After all, is there anyone who would argue that trying to control matters that you can’t possibly control is a waste of time?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Hawaii is going to change an awful lot in the coming months, kind of like trying to be steady during an earthquake and go down fighting.

There’s a good possibility that by the time our next legislative session convenes in two weeks, the fickle finger of change is going to turn our peaceful existence into political chaos we have not seen for many years. The stabilizing forces we once depended on are now memories. Sen. Dan Inouye is gone, and former government leaders such as Linda Lingle, Ben Cayetano, Peter Carlisle and many others are on the sidelines.

Simply put, people are going to be struggling for influence in Hawaii’s new political organization that’s soon to surface. Some will be inclined to go down fighting as the new organizational structure takes shape and all those vacant chairs open in the new Legislature.

With all the change going on at the Legislature, the City Council, the University of Hawaii and our congressional delegation, it will be easy for some people to assume the role of victim. Considering yourself a victim at times like this is a losing proposition. It’s a lot like sweeping water uphill. It doesn’t work.

If you have friends who want to feel sorry for themselves during this holiday season, wish them well and use your efforts to produce a bright 2013. The point is simple: Just adapting to the kind of change we are facing in 2013 is not going to be enough to survive in the months ahead.