Services Join In Rescue Mission Training

25th Infantry Division Public Affairs

Schofield Barracks soldiers joined Marines and Hawaii Air National Guard airmen Sept. 12 in a joint training exercise to improve their personnel recovery skills.

“Wing Warrior Day” simulated a personnel recovery mission in which soldiers were tasked with rescuing airmen from a downed Air Force aircraft.

“This is one of the most important missions that we do. Saving our own and getting them out of harm’s way is very important to us,” said First Lt. Jennifer Parson, platoon leader for the 2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion at Schofield Barracks.

Soldiers provided area reconnaissance, security and aircrew extraction.

“We are in a really unique situation here in Hawaii,” said Maj. Grady Green of Schofield’s 154th Air Wing. “We have the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. This gives us an excellent chance to learn from one another.”

The exercise also resolved communication issues among the services, in the midst of the differences of standard operating procedures.

“This is how we find kinks in the system and fix it,” said Maj. Mute Nash, an F-22 pilot with the air wing.

Such training, said organizers, could make the difference between life and death in time of war. The more proficient soldiers are in this task, the higher level of success they will achieve.