Selflessly Saving A Man’s Life

Dear Pamela,

Recently an employee of TheBus collapsed at work in the lunchroom while eating his lunch. Nobody knew what to do. One of the other employees who was there yelled for some help.

My son-in-law Ringo Manu, who was working and drives for TheBus, heard the call and ran in to see what was wrong. He found the victim on the ground. He felt for a pulse and there was none, so he cleared the victims mouth, as he had thrown up, and proceeded to do CPR on him along with another bus driver named Leo. They worked in tandem to try to revive the victim, who I found out recently is named Kimo Hyde.

The ambulance was called and they continued CPR until the EMT came and took over. Mr. Hyde was taken to Pali Momi Medical Center where he was breathing but in a coma. The next we learned that he was up and talking.

Ringo and Leo are heroes for possibly saving this man’s life. If it wasn’t for their quick action, the outcome may have been different. I would like for them to be honored for their heroism.

Ringo is a hard-working husband and father of three. He put someone else’s well-being before his. You don’t have to be a police officer or in the military to be a hero. Ordinary citizens can be heroes, too. They don’t have to save a life, but sometimes they do.

Diana Kaulu

Dear Diana,

Other bus drivers have

APPLAUSE for your heroes, as well. Pat Lum writes,

“Brother Ringo, I just wanted to thank you for all you did for our brother Kimo. Your unselfish act of kindness and determination to keep Kimo alive was amazing. I wanted you to know that I was shaken by the whole ordeal, but watching you keep it all together and to keep helping him until the paramedics came was very touching. We are a family of people who come together daily to care for the public. But when one of our own goes down like brother Kimo, you really showed me why Manana is truly special. I will never forget what you did today and I will be forever gratful to you for what you did for Kimo. Thank you and may you always be blessed. I’m proud to call you my brother.”

Aloha Pamela,

Due to some medical conditions, I was scheduled for a CT scan at Pali Momi. Everyone involved from the admissions staff to the people in the trenches were great in customer service, especially the techs in the CT scan area, working around harsh conditions – renovations going on, noise, etc. Their outstanding and caring personalities made me feel so relaxed that I knew I was in great hands. My feelings and concerns were their No. 1 thing. Always asking me, “You OK, you need anything?” Such caring people. In this day and age it’s hard to find people with that kind of attitude.

Yes, my scan went well. I haven’t got the results yet, but just the pleasant experience makes me smile.

Thanks so much. This column is doing a great service.

Dave Wilson
Ewa Beach

Dear Dave,

“We have some of the best employees around,” says Wendell Woo, manager of the Imaging Department at Pali Momi Medical Center.

“They go out of their way every day to make our patients feel cared for and comfortable, while providing top-notch health care services. We are humbled by this letter from Dave and give thanks to all the folks in our community who visit us at Pali Momi for their health care needs.”

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