Security Is All In The Ohana

By Steve Van Ness President and Owner of APN Alarm Company

APN Alarm Company is a local company that has protected families and businesses in Hawaii for 20 years. We focus on quality installations and excellent customer service, and have built a great reputation throughout the Islands, installing more than 12,000 systems on Oahu.

We are a true ohana company that includes my wife Kim; our sons Kevin and Steven; son-in-law Peter; daughter-in-law Keio; my brother Roger; and two nephews, RJ and Justin. We are one of a few companies that have been built to last for many generations, and have more than 35 employees whom we consider a part of our ohana.


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APN Alarm Company is a family-owned and -operated company that has served the Islands for 20 years. Photos courtesy APN Alarm Company

I believe in sharing the revenue the company earns with the sales force, as well as the installers. The attitude we have is that the customer belongs to the employees and not only the company. Since the employees share in the profit of each customer, the result is a lot more caring and effort in providing superior customer service to the customer.

Our goal is that customers receive the best possible customer service.

Our salespeople are required to go to a new customer’s location a minimum of three times when a sale is made. The first visit is at the time of the sale, detailing the purchase and terms. The second visit is at the beginning of the installation and the last is at the completion of the job. This ensures that the install was up to our high standards, and provides us with the opportunity to train the customers on their new system. We expect a great deal from our employees, and they deliver with the best service in our industry.

APN sells alarm systems, camera surveillance systems, fire systems and card-access systems. We also sell the most advanced medical panic pendant in the country. All medical buttons on the market only work within a few hundred feet from the home and require a landline to work. Our panic alert button is equipped with a one-button activation and a T-Mobile chip that works on the T-Mobile network. This allows the device to work anywhere within the United States. Its added features come with a GPS tracking, so families are able to track their loved ones should they need to locate them. It is an incredible product, and we are proud to be the first company to offer it here in Hawaii.

APN is a growing company, and we are expanding. If you are interested in working for a great local company that cares about their employees and customers, please call 484-9411 to apply.