Search Is On For Best Landscape

The nonprofit Scenic Hawaii is looking for the best landscaped yards and businesses in Hawaii, and West Oahu readers are invited to submit their nominations by May 18. Winners will be announced and honored in late June.

Four categories are considered in the 10th annual Betty Crocker Landscape awards, sponsored by Scenic Hawaii, which is dedicated to protecting Hawaii’s natural beauty and to preserving and enhancing landscapes and streetscapes.

The categories are:

* Private individuals – passionate backyard and neighborhood gardeners who create beautiful green spaces on their own property

* Professional – landscape industry projects for individuals or businesses

* Volunteers, community and nonprofit groups – projects in public spaces, such as schools or vacant land

* Xeriscape – gardens that feature drought-tolerant plants and conservation of water

Write a brief letter describing the project and submit at least five photographs that showcase the best features of the garden. Include contact information for the nominee and send by mail to Betty Crocker Awards, Umemoto Cassandro Design Corp., 970 N. Kalaheo Ave. #A-306, Kailua, HI 96734, or email to bettycrockerawards@gmai

For more information, call 254-8702.