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Salon Offers Hair-loss treatment

owner, Ho‘āla Salon & Spa

Ho‘āla Salon & Spa at Ala Moana Center is a full-service Aveda salon and spa offering a complete array of hair and spa services (like massages and facials) and a nail salon featuring natural nail services. We also have well-appointed changing rooms and an Aveda lifestyle store.

Most important of all is the quality of care you receive from our experienced, well-trained and licensed team members, who have made us an award-winning salon and spa.

Ho‘āla features many signature Aveda services. Aveda’s No. 1 most-asked question from consumers currently is about our Invati products that treat hair loss. Although factors like age, genetics, medication, health issues and diet are contributors for common hair loss, our stylists have noticed a sharp increase in complaints about hair loss since the COVID pandemic began.

According to INTEGRIS Health, “the stressors created from COVID shock your body and disrupt the growth-rest cycle. The result is increased shedding of hair — as much as 30%-50% of hair follicles are in the telogen stage compared to 5%-10% — several months after becoming infected with COVID.”

Salon team leader Scotty Geddings gives Mika Yasaka the Invati treatment, as staff members (from left) Joelle Makahanaloa, Summer Cozad, Michele Cameron and Brooke Rhodes look on. PHOTOS COURTESY HO‘ĀLA SALON & SPA

There are numerous hair-loss treatments on the market, but most are made with chemicals like minoxidil. Aveda’s Invati products are all-natural, plant-derived and vegan — and effective. Find out more about Invati at aveda.com.

Ho‘āla also has an Invati in salon treatment ($85-$140), which includes our Pramasana scalp facial and an Invati hair masque to nourish the hair, as well as a finishing scalp revitalizer and blowout. If you add the treatment to a salon service, it is only $50. And we recommend continuing the treatment with Invati products at home to reduce hair loss by 53%. Invati instantly thickens for stronger hair.

Ho‘āla can also suggest some services to help mask the issue while the treatment starts to work — like a special haircut or HALO extensions.

We provide a wide array of exceptional services to make you look and feel your best. In this stress-filled world, we deserve the pampering Ho‘āla has become famous for.

For more information, visit hoalasalonspa.com.