Running With Jaybird Bluebuds X


Black Bluebuds X

The people around me know I’m always training for the next race.

Most recently, I ran the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles) and Great Aloha Run (8.15 miles), and next on my docket is The Hapalua (13.1 miles) April 12. As I recall from previous years, The Hapalua is one of the more flat races (except going up Diamond Head), since most of the route is downtown Honolulu. If you love to run (or walk), I would encourage you to do this awesome half marathon. You still can sign up for $128 at

In the midst of my training for The Hapalua (and all my races in the past year), I’ve been using Jaybird Bluebuds X to listen to music. For me, music is motivating and helps me keep my pace, but I hate having headphone cords hanging off me while I’m running. This is why I love my Bluebuds X.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Jaybird released a special camo version of Bluebuds X, which I’ve been toying with the past few months. It’s no different than the white or black version already out, but it just looks cooler. Ever since I discovered Bluebuds X, that’s all I use to listen to music while I’m running or talk on the phone and multitask.

The nice thing about Bluebuds X is they’re significantly smaller than other wireless Bluetooth headphones, and much more comfortable. I can run forever with them on and they never hurt my ears — there are various sizes to choose from to make them fit perfectly into your ear. Plus, I’ve even used them on airplanes, and they almost can double as earplugs to block out noise. The battery life, at eight hours, is amazing for those little things. They retail at $170 — to me, well worth it.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Nat Geo View


Nat Geo View

Nat Geo View is a relatively new app that features the day’s best pictures, stories and videos from National Geographic in a sleek format. In this all-in-one interface, you see the most fascinating stories and stunning photos in the world at your fingertips.

App highlights include galleries of the signature stunning photography National Geographic is known for, news stories on topics such as the environment, tech and “weird and wild,” and National Geographic articles that are redesigned for reading on your phone. You also can view videos on science, travel and adventure, while having access to an archive of the last seven days of content. Each issue of Nat Geo View features a different mix of content, so you’re always looking forward to it.

This is a great free app that lets you keep up with the “other side of the world” aside from the usual news.